The following chart represents a summary of the administrative actions taken against insurance producers and insurance companies by the Division's Enforcement Section between July, 2001 and September, 2001. If you require additional information concerning a particular administrative action, please send your request via e-mail to the Enforcement Email Address.

For each administrative action, please note the following definitions.
Licensee Name Type of License Case No. Primary Allegation(s) Disposition Effective Date
American Home Shield Corp./American Home Shield of Maine, Inc.Unlicensed2932Sale of home warranty contracts without certificate of authoritySettlement Agreement: $10,000 Administrative Assessment plus additional $15,000 designated for production of consumer brochure7/5/01
Elmo, James E. Cheshire, CTNon-Resident Agent3473Misrepresentation on insurance agent license applicationsConsent Order: License Revocation; Disposition of all interests in any insurance business7/10/01
Wilcox, Peter Hue Phoenix, AZNon-Resident Agent3573Misrepresentation on insurance license applications (Failure to disclose other state's administrative action)Settlement Agreement: $250 Fine; Cease & Desist7/11/01
Lang, Tamara Phoenix, AZNon-Resident Agent3535Misrepresentation on insurance agent license applicationSettlement Agreement: $250 Fine; Cease & Desist7/11/01
George, Keith Alan Harrisburg, PANon-Resident Agent3352Misrepresentation on insurance agent license applications (Failure to disclose other state's administrative action)Settlement Agreement: $1,500 Administrative Assessment; Cease & Desist7/16/01
Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company in Salem Salem, MADomestic Property Casualty Company3674Issuing homeowner's policies with unapproved rate deviationSettlement Agreement: $3,500 Fine: Cease & Desist7/17/01
Lascola, Todd J. Fort Lauderdale, FLNon-Resident Agent3030Failure to maintain qualities of trustworthiness & suitability; Purchase of securities without customer authorizationConsent Order: License Revocation; Disposition of all interests in any insurance business7/20/01
Murphy, Gregory A. Lakeville, MAAgent3319Misrepresentation on insurance agent license applicationsSettlement Agreement: $7,500 Fine; Cease & Desist7/23/01
S. Lois Hindmarsh Ins. Agency, Inc. Quincy, MAAgent & Broker3595AImpersonation (Sale of insurance while license was lapsed)Settlement Agreement: $1,000 Fine; Cease & Desist8/10/01
Warner, Glenwood F. Caribou, MEAgent3421Misrepresentation on insurance license applicationConsent Agreement: $1,000 Fine; License Revocation; Disposition of all interests in any insurance business8/10/01
American Collectors Insurance, Inc. Cherry Hill, NJUnlicensed3357CUnlicensed solicitation of insurance policies; Premium procurement by fraudulent misrepresentationSettlement Agreement: $15,000 Administrative Assessment; Cease & Desist8/14/01
Valentine, John T. East Boston, MAAgent3471Misrepresentation on insurance license applicationConsent Agreement: $1,500 Fine; Cease & Desist8/30/01
Itech Corporation Automated Insurance Quotation Systems Point Richmond, CAUnlicensed2324AImpersonation; Unfair or deceptive acts or practices in insurance advertisingSettlement Agreement: $1,000 Administrative Assessment; Cease & Desist9/5/01
Landenberger, William M. Abington, MAAgent3577Misrepresentation on insurance license application (Failure to disclose bankruptcy)Consent Agreement: $1,000 Fine; Cease & Desist9/7/01
Thomas P. McDonald Insurance Agency, Inc. Quincy, MAAgent & Broker3598AFailure to renew corporate broker's licenseSettlement Agreement: Cease & Desist9/10/01
Pare, William J. Salem, NHNon-Resident Agent3317Misrepresentation on insurance license applicationHearing Officer Order on Motion for Summary Decision: $1,000 Fine; License Revocation9/12/01
Helleberg, Paul C. Chelsea, MAUnlicensed3708Failure to RespondDismissal of subject's appeal of license denial for failure to appear9/20/2001
Withrow, Wilbur Randolph, MAFormer Agent3129Failure to Remit collected premium to insurance companySettlement Agreement: License Revocation; Disposition of all interest in any insurance business9/20/01
Pacific Insurance Company, Ltd. Hartford, CTSurplus Lines Carrier3525Engaging in surplus lines business without proper authoritySettlement Agreement: $15,000 Administrative Assessment; Directive to apply for surplus lines approval; Cease & Desist9/21/01
D'Olimpio, Paul F. Revere, MABroker3149CAllowing unlicensed individuals to solicit business in licensee's nameSettlement Agreement: $5,000 Fine; Cease & Desist9/27/01
Sentry Insurance A Mutual Company Stevens Point, WIProperty & Casualty Company3003Sale of policies with non-approved endorsementsSettlement Agreement: $14,500 Fine; Cease & Desist9/28/01