By the Division of Insurance

  • Mail or fax (617) 521-7772 the completed Cancellation Complaint form pdf format of Cancellation Appeal Form
and a copy of your Cancellation Notice to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal.

  • There is no fee required to submit your complaint.

  • Your complaint must be filed before the cancellation date. If you do so, you will remain insured until the Board has issued its decision. If you file after the cancellation date, but within 10 days of cancellation, your appeal will be heard but the cancellation will still take effect.

  • You cannot postpone your cancellation hearing - only the insurance company can postpone your hearing.

  • A representative from your insurance company will attend the hearing.

  • You will receive a decision via mail.
  • A complaint may not be filed:
    • if a policy has been secured from another insurance company.
    • for non-payment of premium on a registered taxicab or fleet of taxicabs.
    • on a cancellation of a policy effected by a finance company.
    • if a company refuses to issue a policy.