Number of Installments: 14, 5, 11 (EFT 12)
Installment Fee:$6 (EFT $2)
Downpayment:11 pay New Business Non Group 20% or 12% New Group Business/Renewal Business,   5 pay New Business 30% or 20% New Group Business/Renewal Business, 4 pay 25% New Group
Business/Renewal Business (EFT 8.33%)
Electronic Funds Transfer Program (EFT):Yes
Related Fees:$25 Returned Check Fee* (EFT $25**)
Cancellation Fee (C) - $25
Late Fee (L) - $15
Application of Related Fees:*for any returned check
** After 2 consecutive insufficient fund EFT payments, policy switches to direct bill
C - if a cancellation notice for non-payment is issued due to deliquent premium payments on your personal auto policy, a $25 statutory cancellation fee will be added to the outstanding balance
1 The number of installments/payments includes downpayment.
Installment fee is not charged on first installment/downpayment.

Please note that you have the option to pay your bill in full in one payment to avoid paying any of the applicable installment fees. Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that this information is accurate, it may not apply to your specific circumstances. You are urged to contact your producer (agent, broker) or insurer with specific questions concerning installment plans.