Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.), Chapter 112, s. 23E allows/provides for the practice of athletic training by students. " Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing or restricting the practice, services or activities of: (c) any person pursuing a supervised course of study leading to a degree…in athletic training…at an accredited or approved educational program, if the person is designated by a title which clearly indicates his status as a student or trainee; (d) any person fulfilling the supervised field work experience requirements of this section, if the experience constitutes a part of the experience necessary to meet the requirement of that section…"

The Board's regulations, at 259 Code of MA Regulations, section 2.01 further specify that students who are pursuing a supervised course of study in an * accredited or approved education program leading to a degree in athletic training may practice athletic training, commensurate with their level of education, as part of a clinical affiliation that is a component of their educational program.

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) Accreditation Standards and Guidelines stipulate that "Experiences that are not supervised by a certified athletic trainer will not count toward the required traditional athletic training experience." Further, the practice of students who are not participating in a formal supervised clinical athletic training experience is not allowed under M.G.L., c. 112, s. 23E (see above). Students enrolled in athletic training education programs may not legally provide athletic training services unless they do so under appropriate supervision as part of their formal clinical athletic training experience within an accredited education program. In the absence of such supervision, student practice is limited to the provision of first aid measures for which the student has documented knowledge, skills and competency.

As provided for in (CAAHEP) Accreditation Standards and Guidelines (Section II A, 1 (f)), "…the sponsoring institution may establish formal affiliations with other institutions for the provision of clinical experience settings."

The Board advises licensed Athletic Trainers who supervise the practice of students enrolled in such athletic training programs to adhere to the requirements for student supervision as defined by CAAHEP. Such supervision requires the instructor to meet the CAAHEP criteria for instructional staff (** Section I B (c)) and to "…be physically present in order to intervene on behalf of the individual being treated (*** Section II A, 1 (f))."

* Accredited by CAAHEP
** CAAHEP Standards & Guidelines 2001
*** CAAHEP Standards & Guidelines 2001