The following temporary licenses are expired. The individuals to whom the licenses were issued are no longer legally permitted to practice under a temporary license. They do not presently hold a permanent license, and have either not applied for another temporary license or are not eligible for another temporary license.
Name License TypeTemp Lic NumberFirst Issue DateSecond Issue DateThird Issue Date
Sushma BhartiOTA4169
Keith BishopOT4901
Amy ButlerOT188208/22/2001
Christina ChavesOT152997/11/2001
Shannon Cheever-LeclairOTA187898/29/2001
Dennize DentonOTA973442
Amy DiricoOTA50010
Shannon DoironOTA973578
Holly EldOTA5822
Cheryl FerrisOT4175
Shannon HeaffeyOT157957/11/2001
Nancy HillesOT181198/29/2001
Mashid KhosraviOTA973322
Magdalene KikineOTA5821
Carol LarsonOTA4171
Pierre Rolin LuarentOTA973281
Nancy LodorOTA190288/29/2001
Derrick McKebbonOTA40017
Amy OconnorOTA4289
Julie OlszewskiOTA973513
Marina PugachevOTA973597
Sindhu PuthanangdayOT973169
Janet RybickiOTA5139
Rebecca SanbornOTA972879
Mary TolerOTA973544
Francis VelezOT2567
Edelyn ZephyrOTA973421