By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date:  March 22, 2012
Location:  Room 1D
Time: 9:00 AM                    


9:00 AM         Board Business

  • Meeting Called to order
  • Annual Election of Board officers
  • Facility Briefing (fire drill instructions)
  • Approve Minutes for January 2012
  • Report from Legal Counsel, Peter Kelley
  • Report from Associate Executive Director, Michael Hawley
    • Board Status Codes
    • April Meeting Skype

9:30 AM         New Cases [Closed Session pursuant to G.L. c. 112, §65C]:

  • AH-11-057 (CG)
  • AH-08-056 (FN)
  • SA-AH-12-004 (TO)
  • AH-PT# 18089 (NG) Adverse Action Report –Licensee is PTCO for PF Applicants

                                   Application# 921 Physical Therapy Care Center Hancock (applied 2/23/12)

                                   Application #922 New Vision Rehab Center Hyde Park (applied 2/23/12)

10:15 AM       Application Review [Executive Session closed session pursuant to G.L. 30A §21(1)]:

  • Appl. (LR)

10:30 AM       Compliance Monitoring:

  • AH-11-030 (Beantown Therapy)
  • AH-09-046, AH-10-001 (Boston Therapy 3rd monitoring report)
  • AH-101-046 (FM)  4th quarter report)

11:00 AM              Facility Application:

  • SPTA Bose , App#915 (Paula Bresnahan, & Scott Waugh) (SW owner has 1 open complaint)
  • SPTA Athletic Evolution, App# 916  Mark Baldwin & Scott Waugh (SW owner has 1 open complaint)

11:30 AM FCCPT Education Credentials:

  • Email from Elizabeth Goodowens to Deta Deans, regarding Kavita Abraham foreign trained PTA education credentials (date:01/31/12)

11:45 AM   Discussions:

  • Email from Mary Pixley, to Peter Kelley regarding  AH-11-007 hearing schedule for May 29, 2012 which member of the board would like to attend (date: 03/14/12)
  • Email from Karin Despiegelaere to Deta Deans, regarding requirement of TOEFL (date: 03/09/12)
  • Email from Patrick Carley, regarding comment on telemedicine (date:03/01/2012)

New Business:

Open Session for Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of meeting.