By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: October 28, 2010
Location: Room 1D
Time: 9:00 AM
Adjourn: _____ PM

9:00 AM Board Business

  • Meeting Called to order
  • Facility Briefing (fire drill instructions)Approve Minutes for September 2010
  • Report from Legal Counsel, James O'Connor
  • Report from Deputy Director, Steve Nemmers

9:15 AM Correspondence:

  • Survey comments from FSBPT (Peter Kelley 10/13/10)
  • Use of the top 10 list by APTA of MA (Peter Kelley 10/13/10) ??
  • Doctoral degrees required for physical therapists (Deta email 9/28/10) to PTs
  • Training for the use of physical agent modalities in OT (Esmarie Kirkpatrick 9/30/10) to OT
  • NBCOT-annual conference on OT state regulation (Shaun Conway 9/20/10) to OT
  • Review of the revised definition OT practice for the AOTA model practice act (email 9/23/10) to OT
  • OTA refresher course January 2011 (Deta email 10/11/10) to OTs

09:30 AM New Business


  • PT Facility Discipline Guidance (Peter Kelley)
  • Proposed Policy Review (Peter Kelley)
  • Non-U.S. candidates for licensure/TOEFL rules (Annette Iglarsh)
    • Candidate Ratna Balagani (will attend at 1000)
  • Procedure/policy discussion: Should some issues be delegated to a PT Board member
  • FSBPT-denied candidate Thomas Ithamar Jotkowitz (will attend at 1015)
  • FSBPT-denied candidate Steve and Lily Eccle
  • Propose CORI Review Procedure (Jim O'Connor)
  • Proposed Procedure on adverse actions against expired licensees (Jim O'Connor)

11:30 PM Consent Monitoring

  • AH-09-061 (AC) Monitor selection; CE course approval
  • AH-10-033 (KK) Monitor selection; CE course approval
  • AH-10-036 (CM) Monitor selection

11:45 PM Quasi-Judicial Session:

· AH-10-051 (GC) (James O'Connor: reviewing final decision and ordering sanction)


12: 30 PM Settlement Offer [Closed Session under G.L.c 112, 65c]

  • AH-09-070 + AH-10-070 (JC) (Julie Brady)
  • Additional Case?

12: 45 PM Application Review/GMC: [Closed session]

  • Rebecca Cappadonia - OT (will not attend/ email - 9/28/10)

1:00 PM New Cases: [ Closed Session pursuant to G.L. c. 112, §65C ]:

  • AH-10-086 (GB)
  • AH-10-088 (KC)
  • AH-10-093 (WO)