By the Division of Professional Licensure

September 20, 2007

Updated December 18, 2014

Policy #07-001, #15-002

Physical therapist compliance officers (hereinafter, “PTCO”) are responsible for the physical therapy facility with whom they are associated, and its staff, in complying with the statutes, regulations, rules and policies related to the practice of physical therapy and  physical therapy facility licensure.   

Therefore, a licensee on probation or with stayed suspension may not serve as a PTCO until the probation or stayed suspension has been satisfactorily completed. At the conclusion of the probationary period or the period of stayed suspension, the licensee may apply to serve as a PTCO at a physical therapy facility.

A licensee with a pending disciplinary administrative proceeding awaiting a formal adjudicatory hearing (for which an Order to Show Cause has issued or will issue) may be denied the opportunity to serve as a PTCO until the proceeding is resolved. The Board’s determination of a PTCO request under such circumstances will be made on a case-by-case basis. In making this determination, the Board may look at the following factors: the nature of the allegation(s); the evidence against the licensee; the licensure history of the applicant, including but not limited to past disciplinary history; and other information if appropriate under the circumstances.

Given the duties and responsibilities of the PTCO, a licensee will be presumptively barred from acting as a PTCO at more than three (3) physical therapy facilities.  If a licensee wishes to be considered for a PTCO position at a fourth (4th) physical therapy facility, or greater, the licensee must petition the board.  In making the determination to approve or deny the petition, the Board will consider the following factors: the past disciplinary history of all facilities and owners involved, the licensee’s past disciplinary history, the licensee’s written or oral statements as to the feasibility of serving as PTCO at so many facilities, including specifically the licensee’s schedule at each of the facilities and how the licensee intends to ensure that each facility is in compliance with the  statutes, regulations, rules and policies related to the practice of physical therapy and  physical therapy facility licensure; the extent of the licensee’s clinical practice (i.e., the number of hours and/or patients per week); and any particular circumstances, such as common ownership, close proximity, or other considerations.  Beginning with all facility applications or changes in PTCO at existing facilities[1] following the effective date of this policy, the Board will ask all proposed PTCOs to disclose the number of and names of all physical therapy facilities at which they currently serve as PTCO in order to enforce this policy.

[1] Facilities and their owners are cautioned that they cannot operate without a PTCO nor can they change facility locations without applying for a new facility license.