Policy Regarding Reinstatement of Lapsed/Expired Licenses


259 CMR 2.05 provides the procedures that licensees must follow in order to reinstate a lapsed/expired license.

The purpose of this policy statement is to offer guidance to Licensees/Applicants regarding the "other Board requirements", as stated in 259 CMR §§2.05 (1)(d) & (2)(d), that the Board may impose as a condition for re-licensure after a licensee has allowed his or her license to expire.


Individuals previously licensed by the Board of Registration in Allied Health Professionals ("the Board") may be eligible for reinstatement by the Board under the following conditions:

  1. An individual whose license has lapsed /expired for 1 year to fewer than five years is required to demonstrate successful completion of such continuing education/competency credits as are necessary for the Board to determine proficiency in the profession. In the event the Board cannot determine proficiency in the profession through successful completion of continuing education/competency credits, then the applicant must retake and pass the appropriate licensing examination.
  2. Individuals whose license has lapsed for five years or more are required to retake and pass the appropriate licensing examination.
  3. The Board may also exempt from the examination requirement individuals who submit satisfactory proof that they were unable to renew their license in a timely manner due to illness and/or other extenuating circumstances.
  4. In any circumstance, the Board reserves the right to require the licensee/applicant to appear before the Board to demonstrate sufficient proficiency and knowledge in the appropriate profession.


Revised February 28, 2013