By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: September 22, 2010

Place: Room 1A
1000 Washington Street,
Boston, MA 02118

Time: 9:30 am

I. Read and Approve minutes of the July 21, 2010 Public & Executive meetings.

II. Application Review


Emeritus applications:

III. Correspondence

Letter from Jerome Darciano

IV. Case Review:

  • AR-10-017
  • SA-AR-10-010
  • SA-AR-10-011
  • SA-AR-11-001
  • SA-AR-11-002
  • SA-AR-11-004

V. Investigative Conference:

  • AR-10-012 (Dee)

VI. Wall Certificates

VII. Miscellaneous

  • Discussion regarding NCARB changes to IDP and the need for clarification of the regulations
  • Wall Certificates

VIII. Adjournment