• Barber Applications

    A Master Barber application and instructions must be obtained by contacting the Board office by phone (617) 727-7367 or e-mail. Apprentice applications are available from local barber schools. Alien Apprentice Barbers (barbers from another country) must contact the Board, by phone (617) 727-7367 or e-mail, to receive an application and instructions.
  • Barber New Shop Application pdf format of 			Barber New Shop Application

    Mandatory Barber Shop Plumbing and Electrical forms are available for downloads below.
  • Online Change of Address Request for Barbers

    The Online Change of Address feature allows you to change your address of record listed in our database. To use this function, you must provide certain information for authorization.
  • Change of Name or Request for Duplicate License for Board of Barbers

    This PDF form maybe used to request a name change, address change or a duplicate license.
  • Verification Request pdf format of 			Verification Request

    If you require a certificate of verification to go to another jurisdiction(s), please submit separate verification request forms with applicable fees for each verification requested.

  • Division of Professional Licensure Complaint Form pdf format of 			Application for Complaint Form