By the Division of Professional Licensure

I let my license lapse, how can I renew it?

If your license has lapsed for less than three years you may reinstate it by paying the fees plus one late fee charge. If it has lapsed for more than three years you will have to take a re-exam consisting of a Practical exam only.

You need to call the board office at (617) 727-7367.


I lost my license , what can I do to get another one?

Answer: Call the board office and leave a message to have a duplicate license form sent to your home. There will be a fee that will be charged for this service and that will be on the form when you receive it.


When is the next barber exam?

The exams are held in three parts of the state either each week or twice a month depending on the area. The only area that tests each week is Malden. The areas are: Boston area (Malden), Springfield area (West Springfield), Worcester area (Framingham).

The barber students receive an application from their school to become a licensed Apprentice. To get a Master Barber application an Apprentice with their time completed must call the board office to obtain an application (out of school they must work at least 18 months or if they come in as an Alien Apprentice they must be an Apprentice for at least 2 years). Lapsed licenses for any level must also call the board office for an application. The Board office telephone number is (617) 727-5339.


Can a hairdresser work in a barber shop, or visa versa?

No. If a person has a Type I hairdressing license he/she can open up a shop within the barber shop through the Hairdressing Board . They will need to have a 3' by 5' divider and their own sink. To find out more you may call the Investigative Unit and ask for a Hairdressing investigator, the number is (617) 727-7406.


How can I find a Master Barber to work in my shop?

You can call computer services at (617) 727-1794 and ask for a print-out of Master Barbers that live in the zip code areas near your place of business and contact them. There is a fee for this service that will be quoted to you.

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