By the Division of Professional Licensure

Chiropractic Facility Application:

Do I have to take the Jurisprudence Examination in Massachusetts?



How long after taking the Jurisprudence Examination will I receive my license?

As part of the licensure process you are required to appear before the Board. License numbers will be posted to the Board's website within 7 business days of receipt of licensing fee payment. The wallet license will be mailed within 6 weeks of website posting. Board appearances/interviews are given once a month (usually the 1st Thursday of the Month). Board meeting dated and locations are on the web page, you can also call the Board office at (617) 727-3093.


Do I need continuing education (CE) credits the first year of licensure?

You will not need to obtain (CE) credits during the period after receiving your license through the start of the registration period, (April 1st), in the chronological year following your being licensed.


How many continuing education credits are required for license renewal?

You must obtain at least 12 hours of continuing education (CE) credits prior to each renewal period, (April 1st through March 31st), in order to renew your license. All (CE) courses must be approved by the Board of Registration. You must keep attendance certificates attesting to having completed this (CE) statutory requirement on file for no less than 5 years and subject to review by the Board.


What (CE) courses have been approved by the Board of Registration?

The following postgraduate educational courses are approved for (CE) credit in Massachusetts. Postgraduate courses either sponsored or co-sponsored by a CCE accredited chiropractic college or an institution of higher learning accredited by the US Dept. of Education, which pertain to matters of chiropractic clinical proficiency, jurisprudence, or human biological sciences when taught by an instructor of that college's or institution's faculty have tentative Board approval. Final approval is still conditional by affirmation by the Board of Registration. When making an inquiry concerning a specific postgraduate course that is not presently posted on the following list, please make sure you submit to the Board all the required information as outlined on the approved course list.


May I receive CE credit for Board approved CE courses that I have taught?

Licensees may receive CE credit for Board approved CE courses that they taught. Each course title taught may be used for only one CE cycle and may not be used again, even if taught in more than one CE cycle. Licensees must be able to provide supporting documentation as required by the board.