By the Division of Professional Licensure

February 2, 2012 
Location: Room 1D 
Time: 10:00AM

Evacuation Procedures ( staff)

10:00 AM Chairman’s Message:

10:05 AM General Business:

  • Approve Agenda
  • January 5, 2011 minutes

10:20 AM New Cases: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-042; 043 [JB]
  • CH-12-064 [KS]
  • CH-12-065[TW]
  • CH-12-073 [BL]

10:55 AM Investigative Conference: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-045;046; 047; 048 [ML]

11:20 AM Settlement Negotiations: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-10-060 [LD] Mary Pixley
  • CH-10-062, -063, and -064 [DJ] Mary Pixley

11:50 PM CE Applications:

  • Applications: # 2838 - 2752

11:55 PM Case Monitoring Update:

  • CH-10-007; 008[JD] CAP on 5th Report 1/6/12; and 6th Report 1/12/12
  • CH-10-012[SN] 7th Report 12/14/11; CAP 1/18/12
  • CH-06-202[MS] Final Report 1/11/12 ; Request for Probation Termination
  • CH-09-13; 014; 024; 025; 26; 27[JS] CAP 12/28/11
  • CH-10-073; 076[DS] 2nd Quarterly Report1/14/12
  • CH-10-067 [BC] Status letter re: unemployment as Chiropractor
  • CH-09-034[KF] CE approval 12/1/11
  • CH-09-019 [PT] Final Report 1/18/12
  • CH-09-092 [PBCCR] Extension Request 1/25/12
  • CH-09-015 [JM] CE Approval 1/19/12

12:05 PM Legal Report: Sheila York, Esq.

Update on status of peer review regulations

12:15 PM Correspondences:

  • Request for waiver of 90 days waiting period for retest of jurisprudence exam from Brent Smith, D.C. (letter dated 1/20/12)
  • Letter w/attachments from David E. Harnois, D.C. requesting an advisory on the use of Class 4 laser therapy by Chiropractors for musculo-skeletal adjunctive treatment (dated 12/27/11)
  • Email from Yana Hugh regarding Licensure Requirements (dated 1/11/12)
  • Letter from N. Edwin Weathersby, DC regarding NBCE delegate and alternate delegate
  • Email from Abbey Dennaro regarding Chiropractic Student Questions (dated 1/24/12)
  • Email from Dawn Szakacs regarding Scope of Practice Inquiry : Laser Therapy (dated 1/19/12)

12:50 PM New Business: 

  • Individuals Willing to act as Monitor/Auditor Lists
  • Upcoming Hearings- delegation of Board members
  • Open Session for Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of meeting

1:00 PM Lunch & New Candidates Interview:

Amanda Halstead

Christabella Cherubino

Derek Gallant, DC

2:00 PM Discussions

  • Review of Board Policies
  • Facility Licensure
    • Comments from Mark Davini, DC regarding facility licensure and solo practice (letter dated 1/22/12).
    • Letter from Jose M. Fernandez to Sheila York re: facilities licensure for Integrative Medicine & Holistic Wellness Center (dated 12/17/11)

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