By the Division of Professional Licensure

April 5, 2012 Location: Room 1D Time: 10:00AM

Evacuation Procedures (staff)

10:00 AM Chairman’s Message:

10:05 AM General Business:

  • Approve Agenda
  • March 1, 2012 minutes

10:10 AM New Cases: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-072 (MM)
  • CH-12-074 (MD)
  • CH-12-078 [PG]

10:30 AM Settlement Negotiations: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-10-068 [NECH] Mary Pixley

10:45 AM Case Update: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-045;046; 047; 048 [ML]

10:50 AM Settlement Negotiations: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-064 [PC Facility] Julie Brady

11:05 AM Final Decision and Order

  • CH-11-075 [RC]

11:15 AM Case Monitoring Report: ( Dr. Harling)

11:25 AM CE Applications Report: (Dr. Fernandez)

  • Applications: # 2839 -

11:30AM Renewed Petition for Termination of Probation:

  • CH-06-141 [IA]

11:45 AM Petition for Termination of Probation

  • CH-09-019 [PT]
  • CH-10-080 [WB]

12:05 PM Legal Report: (Sheila York, Esq.)

12:15 PM Correspondences:

  • Letter from William M. Maykel, D.C. re: Request for Board Ruling on use of Oxygen Concentrators (dated 2/13/12)
  • Letter from Rebecca Caplan, D.C. requesting extension of time to complete continuing education requirements for renewal of licensure (dated 3/27/12)
  • Email from Frank Rondinelli re: the use of surface EMG machine by staff (dated 3/27/12)
  • FYI- Letter from Theodore L. Johnson, Jr., D.C., MS re: whether needle EMG is taught to students as part of the Chiropractic Medicine Program at the National University of Health Sciences (dated 2/27/12)
  • FYI- Email from Horace C. Elliot regarding Part IV Examiners Meeting at the NBCE (dated 3/14/12)
  • FYI- Email from Kelly Web re: Proposed Amendment to PACE Policies & Procedures (dated 3/27/12)

12:30 PM Discussions

  • Facility Licensure
    • Comments from Mark Davini, DC regarding facility licensure and solo practice (letter dated 1/22/12).
    • Memorandum form Sheila York, Board Counsel on Chiropractic Facilities (dated 2/23/12)
  • Draft Policy on Chiropractic Practice Protocol for the Treatment of Non-human Vertebrates (Dr. Harling)

- Veterinary Board Guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine dated April 10, 2008
- M.G.L. c. 112 §58

1:00 PM Lunch & New Candidates Interview:

  • Jessica Wescott, DC, MSACN
  • Tyler Lamson, D.C.

2:00 PM New Business:

  • Open Session for Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of meeting


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