By the Division of Professional Licensure

September 5, 2013 
Location: Room 1D 
Time: 10:00AM

Housekeeping and Evacuation Procedures ( staff)

10:00 AM Chairman’s Message:

10:05 AM General Business:

  • Approve Agenda
  • Review June 6, & August 1, 2013 minutes
  • Investigative Annual Report

10:10 AM Cases: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-12-090 [CV] (Tabled)

10:30 AM GMC: [Executive Session – closed session pursuant to G.L.30A]

  • CH-06-005[KZ]

10:45 AM GMC: [Executive Session – closed session pursuant to G.L.30A]

  • T.B.

11:00 PM Investigative Conference: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-13-060[NR]

11:15 PM Investigative Conference: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

  • CH-13-062[JS]

11:30 PM CHoR Interview: (CF Lic #424)

11:45 PM Settlement Discussion: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C] Mary Pixley, Esq.

  • CH-13-030[L.S.]

12:00 PM Final Adjudicatory Decisions: [Closed Quasi-Judicial Session under G.L. c. 30A, s. 18]

  • CH-11-023[BCC]
  • CH-12-006[CL]
  • CH-13-053[CA]

12:30 PM Probation Termination Requests: 

  • CH-09-034; 035[KF & MC Facility]
  • CH-07-038[MC]

1:00 PM Lunch & New Candidates Interview:

  • Leslie Vazoulas

2:00 PM Associate Executive Director’s Monthly Monitoring Report:

2:05 PM Case Monitoring Report: ( Dr.Garber)

2:10 PM Discussion:

  • RE: Online continuing education

2:20 PM CE Applications Report: (Dr. Storozuk)

  • Applications: # 3472 - 3481

2:25 PM Legal Report: (Sheila York, Esq.)

  • Follow-up matters tabled for legal input:
  • FMLA policy for MBTA (tabled 8/1/13)
  • Request for Advisory Ruling

2:45 PM Correspondences:

  • Letter from Elaine Papp, RN (dated 7/26/13) re: Are physical exams within scope of practice
  • Letter from Sofia Krmpotich (dated 7/26/13) re: An Anglo-Euopean College of Chiropractic in England if it’s acceptable with MA
  • Email from Dr. Melander re: Is purchasing crash reports & advertising services with a person injury lawyer within the scope of practice (dated 8/1/13)
  • Email from Dr. Haberstroh (dated 8/5/13) re: can chiropractors utilize & bill for PEMT

New Business: 

  • Open Session for Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of meeting

***Reasonable accommodations or modifications will be provided to individuals with disabilities to participate in the Chiropractors board meeting. All requests should be directed to Deborah Cassano by calling 617-727-3110 or TTY/TDD: (617) 727-2099 by no later than September 3rd , 2013. While the Division of Professional Licensure will attempt to honor all requests, those requests received after September 3rd , 2013 may not be provided due to feasibility. 

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