By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: April 5, 2001

Supercedes: General guideline (dated 2-24-00)

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Chiropractors (Board) has today voted to implement the following Policy Guideline. This guideline is intended as a recommended protocol for the profession to follow. This policy guideline does not carry with it the force or effect of law as would Massachusetts General Law or a Board rule or regulation. However, the Board utilizes this and other guidelines as an internal management tool in formulating decisions that relate to issues of chiropractic practice.

In accordance with regulation 233CMR 4.05 (Chiropractic Record-keeping) and to ensure the public safety through the proper continuity of patient care and/or right of disclosure, the Board has recommended the following minimal intervals for a timely execution following the receipt of a proper request for patient records.

1. Case History *1-10 days
2. Examination/ Re-examination findings *1-10 days
3. Special studies/ Radiographic report *
(if reviewed)
1-10 days
4. Radiographic copies *
(if performed)
1-20 days
5. Clinical Impression *1-10 days
6. Informed Consent *1-10 days
7. Daily progress notes *1-10 days
8. Billing Records1-20 days
9. Discharge summary
(if performed)
1-20 days
10. Narrative report/ Impairment rating
(if performed)
1-30 days

* mandatory patient records required under 233CMR 4.05