By the Division of Professional Licensure

Meeting of 2/1/12

Held at 1000 Washington Street,

Room 1C, Boston, MA at 10:00 a. m.  


1.  The Chairman to call the meeting to order.

2.  Consideration of the minutes of the 12/7/11 meeting.

3. (6) Parties to appear and petition the Board for 5 minutes regarding an Apprentice

     Extension petition:

Chris Chadwell - previous extension granted – missed NCLE by 2 points.

Expedito DeAlmeida - previous extension granted – learning english trying to pass ABO.

Kenneth Fazio - is over the 5 year apprentice period is registered for the May ABO exam.

Charles Garrett - passed the ABO tried to pass the NCLE 5x’s but takes it each time it is offered. He is over the 5 years allotted for an apprenticeship he was registered at Lenscrafters in Burlington 8/05-08/09.

Claire Selvitella - previously extensions granted to pass the ABO.  

Helen Watson - previous extension granted - missed NCLE by 2 points.

4. Mark Henrie – To appear and requesting medical accommodation regarding the inability to use lensometer.

5.  Board Counsel to report on legal issues.

A.  Discussion of over the counter contact sales without a prescription.

6.  Approve Applications/Approve Apprentice Agreements/Wall

     Certificates/Apprentice Extension Requests.

Application (s)

Tobin, Stephen M.

Valentin, Yoanna

Wall Certificate 

Kochetkova, Julia

7.  Discussion of Practical examination.

A.  Communication from Beatrice Papa regarding examination. 

8.  Discussion of communications.

A.  A Communication from Christopher Bono

B.  A Communication from the American Board of Opticiany and the

     Contact Lense Examiners.

9.  Discussion of upcoming meeting dates:

       3/7, 4/4, 5/2, 6/6, 8/1, 9/5, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5 

10.11:00 a.m. - Statistical data on Case Reports, Staff Assignments, and Inspection

      Updates. Quasi-Judicial Session/Discussion of the cases. (Closed Session)