By the Division of Professional Licensure

Meeting of 6/5/13
Held at 1000 Washington Street,
Room 1D, Boston, MA  
 at 10:00 a.m.


1. The Chairman to call the meeting to order. (Housekeeping matters including
    emergency procedures)

2. Consideration of the minutes of the 5/8/13 meeting.

3. Parties invited to appear:

A. Michelle Durand to discuss licensure application – submitted
B. Michelle Boethel-Calauro & Lurene Riele to discuss apprentices.
C.   Apprentice Extension Request Sherika Smith Costello, Sean Delay,
     Brian Grierson                   

4. Board Counsel to report on legal issues.

5. Approve Applications/Approve Apprentice Agreements/Wall Certificates/
   Apprentice Certificates. Applications:

Cheryl A. Holuba, CT.
Michelle Durand

Wall Certificates
Damirys Rodriguez, 6373
Keener Lam, 5057

6. Discussion of Practical Exam.
A. Communication from Mabel Lima

7. “Draft” sample credit letter for subcommittee meeting.

8. Discussion of Communications.

9. Upcoming Board Meeting dates 8/7, 9/4, 10/2, 11/6, 12/4

10. Items not reasonable anticipated by the Chairman within 48 hours of meeting.

11. 11:00 a.m. - Discussion of cases (Closed Session under G.L. c. 112, s. 65C) /
      Quasi-Judicial Session (Closed Session under G.L. c. 30A, s. 18)


Reasonable accommodations or modifications will be provided to individuals with disabilities to participate in the State Dispensing Opticians Board Meeting . All requests should be directed to Deborah Cassano by calling 617-727-3110 we will attempt to honor all requests, those requests received after May30, 2013 may not be provided due to feasibility.