The Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) is pleased to announce the availability of the online Very Small Water System Operator Certification Practice Exam.

The 50 sample questions match the content and difficulty of the ABC Very Small Water System Certification Examination. Developed using the same procedures as actual ABC examinations, the sample questions may be used as a practice examination to help operators become familiar with the types of questions on the ABC Very Small Water System Certification Exam. The practice exam is not intended to be a substitute for studying for the certification exam.

You can register to take the practice ABC Very Small Water System Exam at The fee for taking the practice exam is $20.00 and must be paid by credit card. Please note that the credit card statement will show the fee being paid to LXR, not ABC. In order to take the examination on the web, you must have Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher (or Netscape 3.0 or higher). Internet Explorer 5.0 is highly recommended. You must also have the "cookies" feature enabled on your browser.

Please review this flyer pdf format of abcvsws.pdf
for additional information or go to the ABC website and click on the menu item "Web-based Testing."