By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date:  April 5, 2013

Place: Room 1A 1000 Washington Street
           Boston, MA  02118

Time:  9:30 am

1.     Meeting Called to Order

2.     Review regular and executive minutes from the March 1, 2013 Meeting

3.     TEC Applications/Provisional Certificates

        Milford Water Company, TEC # 481

  1. TCH Applications
  • Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

Course Name                                                                                  Course ID No.        # of TCHs

EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Training                                           DWT-2013-29         6.0 TCH

  • CEU Plan

Course Name                                                                                  Course ID No.        # of TCHs

Principles of Chlorination & Dechlorination                                     DWT-2013-30         3.0 TCH

Dechlorination – Gas Application and Usage                                  DWT-2013-31         3.0 TCH

Analytical Chemistry Techniques                                                    DWT-2013-32         3.0 TCH

Leadership                                                                                    DWT-2013-33         1.0 TCH

Reverse Osmosis                                                                          DWT-2013-34         1.0 TCH

LP: Lab Terminology and Procedures                                           DWT-2013-35         1.0 TCH

LP: Basic Drinking Water Quality Test                                          DWT-2013-36         2.0 TCH

Basic Chemistry & Laboratory Techniques                                    DWT-2013-37        1.0 TCH

Public Administration 1 – Introduction to Public Administration      DWT-2013-38        1.0 TCH

Introduction to Supervision of Operators                                       DWT-2013-39        3.0 TCH

Manager’s Guide to Cost Control                                                 DWT-2013-40        2.0 TCH

Math for Water Plant and Distribution                                           DWT-2013-41        1.0 TCH

Lime/Soda Ash Softening for Water Plant Operators                    DWT-2013-42         1.0 TCH

Introduction to Concrete Pressure Pipe                                        DWT-2013-43         1.0 TCH

ERS: Generators                                                                         DWT-2013-44         1.0 TCH

Testing a Double Check Valve Assembly BPD                            DWT-2013-45         1.0 TCH

Testing a Reduced Pressure Vacuum Breaker BPD                     DWT-2013-46         3.0 TCH

Common Pitfalls in Chemical Feed                                              DWT-2013-47         4.0 TCH

Reasonable Security Measures to Protect Your Plant                  DWT-2013-48         2.0 TCH

  • Woodard & Curran, Inc.

Course Name                                                                                  Course ID No.        # of TCHs

Leominster Water System Emergency Response Operations

                  Training                                                                         DWT-2013-49         4.0 TCH

  • Comprehensive Environmental Inc.

Course Name                                                                                  Course ID No.        # of TCHs

Manganese – What’s Happening?                                                    DWT-2013-50         2.0 TCH


  1. Report from Board Counsel
  1. Items from Board Chairman
  1. Personal Interview

       Vincent Mazzaglia @10:00

       Christopher Granese @10:30

  1. Correspondence
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. Items not reasonably Anticipated by the Chair
  1. Application Review
  1.  Adjournment

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