By the Division of Professional Licensure


Date: February 4, 2011
Place: Room 1D
1000 Washington Street,
Boston, MA 02118
Time: 9:30 am

I. Meeting called to order

II. Review Regular minutes from the January, 14 th Meeting

III. TEC Applications/Provisional Certificates


IV. TCH Applications


V. Board Counsel

Case Review DW-11-001 & DW-11-004

VI. Personal Interview J.M. @10:30

VII. Items from Board Chairman

  • Minimum Hours for Mandatory Training Courses
  • AWWA On-line eLearning Training
  • Board Policy for Approval of CEUs
  • Passing Rates Report

VIII. Items from James Deming

  • Approval of Training Courses Application

IX. Miscellaneous