By the Division of Professional Licensure

I. Meeting called to order

II. Review Regular minutes from the May 6, 2011 Meeting

III. TEC Applications/Provisional Certificates

  • Shelburne Falls Fire District , TEC #465
  • Woolman Hill, TEC # 466
  • Holbrook Public Works Department, TEC #467

IV. TCH Applications

  • Northeast Water & Wastewater Training Associates, Inc.

Course Name / Course ID No. / # of TCHs

Disinfection of Water & Wastewater Systems / DWT-2011-62 / 5.0 TCHLockout - Tagout: Control of Hazardous Energy / DWT-2011-63 / 3.0 TCH

  • Plymouth County Water Works Association

Course Name / Course ID No. / # of TCHs

Water Quality Sampling / DWT-2011-64 / 2.0 TCH

  • Western Massachusetts Waterworks Association

Course Name / Course ID No. / # of TCHs

Asset Management: Internal Pipeline Condition Assessment Technologies for Valves, Hydrants, and Pipelines / DWT-2011-67 / 1.0 TCH

  • New England Water Works Association

Course Name / Course ID No. / # of TCHs

Session 1 - Introduction to Resource Management Negotiations/

Long River Breakout Instructions and Division into

Group Negotiations / DWT-2011-65 / 2.0

Session 2 - Group Negotiations/Presentation/Debriefing DWT-2011-66 / 3.0

V. Report from Board Counsel

  • ABC/AMP Update

VI. Introduce New Agency Director, Mark Kmetz

VII. Executive Session

CORI Review G.L. c 30A §21(7), G.L. c. 66, §10, G.L. c 4, §7, G.L.c 6,§172 (BC)

VIII. Personal Interview

John B. English, III.

IX. Items from Board Chairman

X. Miscellaneous


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