By the Division of Professional Licensure

Posted on: May 4, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

Board of Registration in Embalming and Funeral Directing

 1000 Washington Street 1st Floor Room 1D, Boston, MA 02118

DATE: May 9, 2017 
TIME:  10:00 a.m.


Notice of Meeting and Topics


10:00am – Meeting called to order:

  • Discuss housekeeping and evacuation plan

Board Business:

  • Review Minutes
  • Report from Executive Director, Michael Hawley
  • Report from Legal Counsel, Charles Kilb
  • Report from Christopher Carroll, Chief Investigator

Executive Session- Candidate Interviews & Review of Examination [(Closed Session Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, § 21]


Quasi-Judicial Session [Closed session pursuant to G.L. c. 30A §18, 5(d)]:

Investigative Session: Cases, Investigative Conference, Settlement Offers [Closed Session Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 112, § 65C] 

Application review:

Type 3

  • Megan Mooney
  • Richard Sweeney III
  • Robert Stockwell IV
  • Richard MacKinnon Sr.

Type 6


  • Karalyn Rodrigues
  • John Barry Jr.
  • Kevin Culloo

Type 6 (downgrade from Type 3)

  • Joseph Szulewski


  • Joseph Costa

Funeral Assistants (1st time)

  • David Perrault
  • James Smith
  • Gerard Benoit
  • Barry Gannon
  • Antonio Matarese

Funeral Assistants (Transition from Apprentice)

  • Stephen Richmond


  • Daniel Casali

Apprenticeship Extension

  • Pamela Lobo

Funeral Establishment Certificate Application:

  • Copeland MacKinnon Funeral Home

Wall Certificates

  • Justin Souza
  • John William Congdon
  • Jennifer Hale

Continuing Education Provider Applications:

Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association

  • 2017 MFDA Blueprint for the Future Panel Discussion
  • 2017 MFDA OSHA Training
  • Get the Job Done: A review of Important Funeral Service Operation Issues

New Jersey Funeral

  • Continuum of Care: Is Your Funeral Home Outside the Circle of Trust
  • Don’t Blame Cremation for Ruining Your Business
  • Bringing Leads into Your Sales Pipeline
  • Got Ethics: I’ve Just Been Dying to Tell You
  • Five Free Ways to Supercharge Your Website
  • Facial Restoration and Restorative Techniques-Tips and techniques for Typical Daily Challenges
  • The Future of Your Funeral Home: Preparing for Transition
  • Embalming: Mediocre to Dynamic in 60 Minutes
  • How to Drive Leads on Social Media, It’s Not Just ‘Good Will’ Marketing
  • Stepping Out of the Shadows: The Benefits of Telling Your Story
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Traditions in Transition

Funeral CE

  • Final Expense Insurance


  • NFDA Webinar: 5 Keys to Cremation Success
  • NFDA Webinar: Should I Buy or Should I Sell?
  • NFDA Webinar: RSVP I’LL See You at My Living Funeral
  • NFDA Webinar: Ten (fairly) Easy Steps to OSHA Compliance

Open session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hoursin advance of meeting:   

Reasonable accommodations or modifications will be provided to individuals with disabilities to participate in the Board in Registration in Embalming & Funeral Directing meeting. All requests should be directed to Cheryl Yebba by calling 617-727-4992 or TTY/TDD:  (617) 727-2099 by 24 hours prior to the meeting. While the Division will attempt to honor all requests, those requests received after 24 hours to the meeting may not be provided due to feasibility.