Policy #08-04

October 21, 2008


To clarify the language in M.G.L. c. 112, section 84: "The profession of funeral directing shall be conducted or practiced at a fixed place or establishment, and no person, partnership, corporation, association or other organization shall open or maintain a place or establishment at which to practice such profession unless an establishment certificate has been granted by said board. Such certificate shall be for one location only; provided, that this shall not prevent a registered funeral director from conducting a funeral in another licensed establishment, nor from a church, nor from a private residence from which funeral services are not regularly conducted, a public lodge or hall room, providing such person maintains a fixed place or establishment of his own conforming to the above requirements."


A Registered Licensed Funeral Director (Type 3) may temporarily offer services at another establishment in cases of vacation, suspension (with Board approval), illness or disability. Services offered at the other funeral home are limited to services incidental to temporary coverage at another funeral home.