By the Division of Professional Licensure

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) has announced that beginning with the April 2011 exam administration the current NCEES structural I and II professional engineer examinations will be replaced with a single 16-hour NCEES structural principles and practices examination. The structural I and II exams will be administered for the last time in October 2010.

The new 16-hour structural engineering exam is a breadth and depth exam offered in two components on successive days. The 8-hour Vertical Forces (Gravity/Other) and Incidental Lateral component will be offered only on Friday and focuses on gravity loads and lateral earth pressures. The 8-hour Lateral Forces (Wind/Earthquake) component will be offered only on Saturday and focuses on wind/earthquake loads. For more information on the new exam please visit the exams section of the NCEES website ( ).

The Massachusetts Board licenses Professional Engineers by discipline, and currently initial licensure candidates seeking licensure in the Structural discipline must pass the structural I NCEES examination, however following the October 2010 exam administration this will no longer be our practice. Beginning with the April 2011 exam administration, Structural Engineering Applicants will be required to pass the new 16-hour structural principles and practices examination. The Board is currently considering the implications that this change will have on comity applicants seeking a structural license in Massachusetts. Please continue to check the Board's website ( for updates on any changes to these requirements.