For Immediate Release - May 17, 2005

Former East Boston Salon Operators Suspended for 6 Years

State Cosmetology Board Acts on Alleged Illegal Mineral Oil Injections

Diana Alzate of Revere, the former operator of Krystal Beauty Salon in East Boston today agreed to a six-year suspension of her cosmetologist license. The action by the Board of Registration of Cosmetology ("Board") was in response to allegations by state investigators that Alzate and a salon associate offered illegal mineral oil injections for cosmetic enhancement to customers.

The cosmetology license of Alzate's former salon associate, Diego Quintero of East Boston, was also suspended for six years as was the license for the now-defunct Krystal Beauty Salon, formerly located at 154 Chelsea Street in East Boston. On August 31, 2004, investigators sent to the salon found unsanitary conditions and illegal equipment such as syringes, tattoo needles and anesthesia, allegedly used to perform illegal cosmetic medical procedures in the salon. The Board alleged that an illegal injection resulted in physical injury to at least one salon client.

"This action by the Cosmetology Board should send a strong signal that cosmetic medical procedures in a salon setting are illegal, dangerous and absolutely will not be tolerated," said Anne L. Collins, Director of the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure.

Consumers are asked to report any potential violations by cosmetology salons to investigators with the Division of Professional Licensure at (617) 727-7406. Consumers are also urged to make sure that anyone offering cosmetic medical procedures is properly licensed and that treatments are being offered in a compliant, professional setting. Consult the following state websites to verify licensure:

Board of Cosmetology:
Board of Registration in Medicine:

Alzate and Quintero will not be eligible for reinstatement of their cosmetology licenses until May 17, 2011 and must submit to the Board before that date proof of successful completion of a practical and written cosmetology exam and demonstrate that they meet all licensing requirements. If either is found to be practicing cosmetology during the suspension period, the Board will revoke their licenses.

The Division of Professional Licensure is an agency within the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. It is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the licensing process for 43 trades and professions regulated by 29 boards of registration, the updating and renewal of approximately 330,000 licenses and the maintenance of databases for licensing, enforcement and revenue collection. In fiscal year 2004, the Division of Professional Licensure imposed record levels of enforcement, including 829 disciplinary actions, $128,000 in fines and the return of more than $25,000 to consumers.