By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: June 14, 2011

Place: 1000 Washington Street
Room 1 D
Boston, MA 02118

Time: 9:00 A.M.

9:00 A. M. General Business:

Review Emergency Exit Procedures:

Approve Agenda

Read and Accept the Agenda for the June 14, 2011 Meeting

Read and Accept Public Minutes of the May 19, 2011 meeting.

Read and Accept Executive Session Minutes of the May 19, 2011 meeting.

9:00 A. M. Character Review:

NN, CS, JD, TO and KZ (not appearing)

Investigative Conferences:

9:00 A.M HS-10-131 and HS 10-673 (Prosecutions)

9:30 A. M. HS-11-422 HL vs. TN - Braintree (Nuzzo) (Complaint)

9:45 A. M. HD-11-209 D. G. vs. G. F. - Dorchester - (Nuzzo)

10:00 A. M. HD-11-237 Board vs. B. N. - Worcester- (Puccio)

10:15 A. M. HD-11-257 Board vs. Aprille - Dedham (Nguyen)

10:30 A. M. HS-11-168 DW vs. PN. - Worcester (Staunton)

10:45 A. M. HS-11-393 JA vs. AH - Stoneham (Luc)

11:00 A. M. HD-11-270 Board vs. JD - Hyannis (Puccio)

11:15 A. M. HS-11-422 HL vs. TN - Braintree (Nuzzo) (Licensee)

11:45 A. M. HS-11-275 Board vs. Lambert (Puccio) / Ticket appeal

12:00 P. M. Lunch:

1:00 P. M. Decision and Default Notices:

# HD-10-346

Ticket Appeals

1:00 P. M. HD-11-402 Board vs. KD - Winthrop (Luc)


1:15 P. M. HD-11-232 Board vs. GG. - Boston (Nuzzo)


1:30 P. M. HS-11-407 Board vs. JL - Sumerset (Nuzzo)


1:45 P. M. HS-11-211 Board vs. JS. - Milford (Nguyen)


2:00 P. M. HS-11-210 Board vs. AC - Carver (Nuzzo)


2:15 P. M. HS-11-470 Board vs. HL - Danvers (Stec)


2:30 P. M. HS-11-523 Board vs. MJ - Roslindale (Nuzzo)



Flavia Leal Institute of Esthetics requesting an advanced 300-600 program

A djournment:

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