By the Division of Professional Licensure

6.01: Definitions

As used in 240 CMR 6.00, the term "advanced seminar" means any and all instruction, course, class or seminar in any area of hairdressing, as defined in M.G.L. c. 112, § 87T, which is offered for a fee by a privately owned entity, other than a hairdressing school, constituted for the purpose of offering advanced instruction to persons who hold a current hairdresser's license, including a license issued by another state.


6.02: Licensure

(1) No person or privately owned entity constituted for the purpose of offering advanced seminars in hairdressing shall operate without a license issued by the Board. Non-profit professional associations offering educational training sessions are not subject to the requirements of 240 CMR 6.00.

(2) Prior to final inspection and approval by the Board, an applicant for a license to offer advanced seminars shall submit to the Board the following information:

(a) A certificate of use and/or occupancy or other authentic form from the appropriate city or town approving the premises at which the seminars will be offered.
(b) A bond in the amount of $5,000 subject to the approval of the Board.
(c) The name, license number, educational background and experience of at least one instructor who will provide instruction.
(d) The title and detailed outline of any seminars to be offered. All new titles, curricula or changes thereto shall likewise be filed with the Board.

(3) Detailed floor plans indicating complete separation from any adjacent salon.

(4) Licenses issued to any such entity shall be reviewed every year.

(5) No entity constituted for the purpose of offering advanced seminars may call itself a school.

(6) Licenses issued by the Board are valid only for the location named in the license and are not transferable. Any change of location must be approved by the Board in accordance with the procedures described in 240 CMR 4.01(4).


6.03: Premises

(1) Premises on which advanced seminars are to be offered shall be sufficiently large to accommodate not more than one participant per 20 square feet of area.

(2) The premises on which advanced seminars are offered shall have separate lavatories for men and women.

(3) At a minimum, any premises on which advanced seminars are offered by an entity constituted for the purposes of offering such seminars shall be equipped with four sinks and four all-purpose chairs, and seating accommodations for all participants.

(4) No premises at which advanced seminars are offered may be used as a shop, and no premises used as a shop may be used to offer advanced seminars.


6.04: Participants

(1) All participants enrolled in advanced seminars shall hold a valid license corresponding to the seminar being offered. For example, a manicurist license is not acceptable for the purpose of attending an advance seminar in hairdressing.

(2) Participants in advance seminars shall receive a certificate at the completion of the seminar. Such certificate shall indicate the title of the seminar attended and the number of hours attended. Such a certificate shall not contain language which implies in any way the attainment of high or greater professional competence or skill by the participant. In no event shall such a certificate be termed a diploma.

(3) No participant shall receive any credits towards any diploma for attending an advanced seminar.


6.05: Instructors

(1) Advanced seminars shall be taught only by persons registered by the Board of Registration of Hairdressers as instructors or by such licensed hairdressers as the Board may deem qualified by expertise or experience to teach advanced seminars.

(2) For any advanced seminar offered there shall be one instructor for every eight students.

(3) Out-of-state hairdressers invited to teach advanced seminars in Massachusetts shall receive a temporary permit to do so from the Board. No such permit shall be issued by the Board unless the applicant is found competent by the Board to teach advanced seminars, unless the applicant is found competent by the Board. Out-of-state applicants shall submit to the Board such information as the Board may require at least 30 days prior to the offering of the advanced seminar to be taught.


6.06: Provision of Services by Participants

Any location at which advanced seminars are offered shall display conspicuously signs in display lettering at least two inches in height stating the following:



6.07: Records

Any entity licensed to offer advanced seminars shall keep records indicating the names of all participants and a copy of their licenses. Such records shall be kept for a period of three years and shall be open to inspection by the Board or its designated agents.


6.08: Models

Models may be provided by participants or by the entity offering the advanced seminars. Models shall not be charged any fees.


6.09: Advertising

Any advertisement used by an entity licensed to offer advanced seminars shall specify that such seminars are available to licensed hairdressers only. No such advertisement shall use the term "school" to designate the entity offering advanced seminars.


6.10: Duration

Advanced seminars shall be offered for not less than eight hours and not more than 80 hours, and shall not be held over periods of time in excess of four weeks.


6.11: Posting of Regulations

240 CMR 6.00 shall be posted in every location where advanced seminars are being offered.


240 CMR 6.00: M.G.L. c. 112, § 87T.