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The Board of Registration of Home Inspectors is charged with evaluating the qualifications of applicants for licensure and granting licenses to those who qualify. It establishes rules and regulations to ensure the integrity and competence of licensees. The Board promotes public health and welfare through regulation of the professional in accordance with the state statutes and board regulations.

The Board is responsible for insuring that licensed home inspectors have proper training and experience through an associates program and meet minimum inspection requirements in each inspection performed. Applicants are required to pass a board approved examination prior to licensure and fulfill continuing education for license renewal. In addition, the board publishes a code of ethics for home inspectors.

Home Inspectors are required to carry a minimum of $250,000 in insurance so that consumers will be able to seek compensation if they endure losses that are a result of an inspector's error. In addition, real estate brokers are required to distribute a brochure produced by the Office of Consumer Affairs about home inspections to homebuyers. They are prohibited from directly recommending a home inspector. Brokers may provide a list of licensed inspectors in the state upon request. This will help eliminate the conflict of interest that exists when a real estate broker recommends a specific home inspector.