Board of Registration of Home Inspectors Policy


Enacted April11, 2007


The purpose of this bulletin is to offer guidance to companies that perform relocation inspections in Massachusetts.


Q. What is a relocation inspection?

A. Relocation inspections are home inspections requested by third-party relocation companies that are performed for individuals who are relocating.

Q. Who is authorized to perform relocation inspections?

A. Only a licensed home inspector may perform relocation inspections.

Q. If I perform a home inspection in Massachusetts for a relocation company, does the inspection report have to comply with 266 CMR 6.00 et seq. (Mass. Standards)?

A. Yes.

Q. What if the client (relocation company) requests that I use forms that it provides and the forms do not meet Mass. Standards?

A. Currently, inspectors are allowed to exclude items requested by a client. (266 CMR 6.11 (2) (a) 9.) If an item is reported on, the report must comply with Mass. Standards. It is the Board's position that it is better practice to have the exclusions in writing on the report. The proposed new regulations require that all exclusions be noted on the home inspection report.

Q. What if the relocation company requests cost estimates regarding the discrepancies noted on my report?

A. You must inform the relocation company that Massachusetts law prohibits home inspectors from giving cost estimates. (266 CMR 6.11 (2) (c) 5.)