The Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professionals ("the Board") voted at its meeting on September 21, 2007 to adopt the following Policy Guideline. This policy guideline is intended as a recommended protocol for the profession to follow. The guideline set forth below does not have the full force and effect of law, as would a Massachusetts General Law or a Board rule or regulation. However, the Board uses policy guidelines as an internal management tool in formulating decisions that relate to issues in the practice of allied mental health and human services.

Policy No.: 07-02

Adopted September 21, 2007

Updated December 16, 2011


The purpose of this policy statement is to offer guidance to Licensees regarding the use of home study and on-line programs to meet the Continuing Education Requirements set forth in 262 C.M.R.  7.03(1). 


It is Board policy that no more than 50% of the required “30 contact hours of continuing education activities” may derive from home study or on-line programming.

The Board has determined that LIVE tele-seminars and LIVE webinars would be accepted by the Board as “live” CEUs.  Re-broadcasts are not be accepted as “live” CEUs.

The Board’s Regulations 262 CMR 7.00 state the requirements for continuing education.

Pursuant to 262 CMR  7.03(1),  “All licensees are required, as a condition of license renewal, to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours of continuing education activities per licensure/renewal period (every two years).  These contact hours must be in compliance with Board approved entities' requirements.”

 Authority: M.G.L. Chapter 13, Section 90; and 262 CMR 7.00 et seq.