The renewal process is the same for massage therapists and for establishments.

Renewal forms are not available on the web site. They are mailed to each licensee 60 - 90 days prior to the license expiration date. The forms are mailed to the address that the board has on record. Please note that, if your initial application requested the use of your business address as your address of record, then your renewal form will be mailed to that business address.

For help with your renewal, please consult the questions below. If your question is not included here, please contact the Board staff with your inquiry.

I did not receive my renewal application, how do I get one?

Send an email to the Board, include your name (and former name, if it changed since the last renewal), your license number, your profession , and your mailing address. A new form will be mailed to you by U.S. Mail.

If you have moved since the last renewal cycle, please include that information as well for the Board to update your address in its records when the duplicate renewal form is printed.

FOR ETABLISHMENTS ONLY- Address changes may not be made on the renewals.  Address changes require a new license.  Please fill out and complete a new establishment application and forward all required documents and licensing fee to the Board.  You may not practice at the new establishment location until the new license is issued by the Board.


Can you fax the form to me?

No. The processing requires special bonded paper; hence, fax paper cannot be used to process renewal applications.


Can I photocopy my co-workers form, add my information, and send that in?

No. The renewals are printed on special paper (although it looks normal) with coding specific to each licensee that is read electronically. Fax paper and copy paper cannot be used.


Can you send a duplicate renewal form to me via Express Mail, FedEx, Airborne (or other business)? [I will give you my credit card number.]

No. Unfortunately, the Board is unable to courier your renewal application.


What can I do to speed up the renewal process?

  1. Renew as soon as you receive the application,
  2. Check the form carefully and fill it out completely,
  3. If any of the attestations are untrue, follow the instructions on the form.
  4. Sign the renewal application and the check/money order and write your license number on the check/money order,
  5. Send your renewal application and check to the DPL at the address listed on the renewal application (or use the enclosed envelope) by U.S. mail (which is the most efficient delivery method for renewals),
  • or hand-deliver to DPL offices in Boston,
  • or hand-deliver to DPL Springfield offices by appointment only (call 413-735-6293)

If the application is in our hands by 5:00 pm on the renewal date, you will not be charged the late fee.


Can I renew online?

Online renewals are "in the works"; but, for now, the renewal process is paper-based.


Is my renewal "on time" if it is postmarked by the due date?

No. If the application is received at the DPL any time after 5:00 pm on the renewal date, it will be returned to you and you will need to re-submit it with the appropriate late fee.


How much is the late fee?

The late fee is $57. The renewal coupon displays two values. The first value is the on-time renewal fee. Pay that amount if your renewal will be on-time (see above). The second value is the renewal fee plus the late fee. This means that, if your renewal will be received after the due date, you must return the payment coupon along with a check for only the second value on the renewal form (i.e., $207).


How can I renew/reinstate my license after it has expired?

Please review the Boards regulations at 269 CMR 3.02(2) at the following link:
Please note that you may be required to pay the licensing fee for all the years that you failed to renew your license and one late fee. Please do not enclose a check with your application. The Board will review the application to verify that you meet the current licensure requirements. Once the requirements have been verified, board staff will mail a reinstatement coupon in the mail for completion of the reinstatement of license. It is advisable that you include a written statement requesting to have your license reinstated and include your license number issued by the Board.