By the Division of Professional Licensure

Policy No. 08-001

November 2008


The purpose of this bulletin is to clarify acceptance standards for granting continuing education credit for attendance at Poster Sessions/Exhibits in order to satisfy the continuing education requirement in CMR 268 4.00, et seq.


A maximum of one unit of continuing education will be awarded for attendance at a minimum of five Poster Sessions and/or Exhibits for no less than a period of 50 minutes of time.

In order to be accepted in satisfaction of the continuing education requirement, each Poster Session/Exhibit must "contribute to the licensee's professional competence in nutritional practice" and must address the science of human nutrition. (See CMR 268 4.03 (1) and Policy Bulletin #06-01 )

In order for a Poster Session/Exhibit to be accepted for continuing education, the licensee must be able to provide documentation to meet the requirements of CMR 268 4.00, et seq. and Policy #06-01 to the Board's satisfaction. Documentation must include at minimum:

  1. The title of each poster/exhibit visited
  2. The number of minutes spent at each poster/exhibit
  3. The institution or sponsoring agent of the poster session/exhibit
  4. The author(s) of the poster/exhibit
  5. The date(s) and location(s) of the activity
  6. The Poster Session's/Exhibit's relevance to human nutrition and how the learning activity contributes to the licensee's professional competence.

It is the licensee's responsibility to maintain documentation that each program meets the Board's continuing education requirements.


The Board grants continuing education credits for a variety of educational programs sponsored by organizations. Each program must be, at minimum, an organized learning experience, at least fifty (50) minutes in length, address the science of human nutrition, and contribute to the licensee's professional competence in nutritional practice.