By the Division of Professional Licensure

4.01: Continuing Education Requirements

(1) Licensed Dietitians/Nutritionists are required, as a condition of license renewal, pursuant to M.G.L. c.112, § 207, and 268 CMR 3.02(1)(c), to complete a minimum of 30 units of continuing education activities every two years.

(2) A unit of continuing education shall be a minimum of 50 minutes of organized learning experience. The Board, in its discretion, may approve other programs of continued professional competence that contribute to a licensee's professional growth.

(3) Board approved continuing education activities shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Successful completion of an educational program, course, seminar, or workshop, sponsored by an approved organization, as described in 268 CMR 4.03(2).
(b) Authorship of published books, chapters of published books, articles in refereed journals, research projects, and/or other such publications approved by the Board related to the science or practice of nutrition. A maximum of three units may be credited for each book chapter, article or project.
(c) Instruction or presentation of an academic course, workshop, poster session, or seminar for the first time. Credit for two units of continuing education will be given for each unit taught or presented.
(d) Successful completion of an academic course related to contemporary nutritional practice and offered by an educational institution or program recognized by the United States Department of Education. Each semester hour shall equate to 15 continuing education units; trimester hours shall equate to 12 units; quarter hours shall equate to ten units.


4.02: Verification/Approval of Licensee's Continuing Education Activities

(1) The licensee shall maintain adequate documentation of continuing education activities, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) For each continuing education unit earned by participation in a continuing education program, a licensee must be able to provide documentation of the following:

  1. the title of the program or course;
  2. the number of hours spent in the program or course;
  3. the name of the Board-recognized entity or the academic institution that sponsored the program or course; and
  4. the date(s) and location that the program or course was given.

(b) For each continuing education activity unit earned from publication, the Board may require the licensee to provide a copy of the book, chapter, research project or article. The licensee must be able to provide complete bibliographic documentation including: the date of publication; the title of the book, chapter, research project or article and, in the case of a chapter or article, the title of the book or name of the journal in which it appears.

(c) For each continuing education activity unit earned by the teaching or presentation of courses, workshops, poster sessions or seminars, the licensee must be able to document the following information:

  1. the title of the course or poster session;
  2. date(s) of participation;
  3. institution or sponsoring agency; and
  4. the number of hours the licensee spent teaching or presenting.

(d) For each academic course completed, the licensee must be able to provide a transcript showing successful course completion, as indicated by a passing grade or formal course-audit status.

(2) As provided for in 268 CMR 3.02(1)(c), the Board may conduct random surveys for compliance of the documentation of any licensee's continuing education. Upon request, the licensee shall provide the documentation described in 268 CMR 4.02(3) Failure to provide required documentation or to complete the continuing education requirements for renewal, may result in non-renewal of a license or other disciplinary action by the Board.


4.03: Verification/Approval of Provider Continuing Education Programs and Activities

(1) For a program to be eligible for approval for continuing education hours, it shall contribute to the growth of an applicant in professional competence in nutritional practice.

(2) Course work meeting the requirements of 268 CMR 4.03(1) and endorsed or sponsored by the following organization shall be deemed approved for continuing education hours:

(a) The Commission on Dietetic Registration;
(b) Boards of Licensure of other states;
(c) Courses offered by governmental agencies;
(d) Academic courses or continuing education programs offered by accredited academic institutions offering degrees related to professional practice; and
(e) Organization so designated by the Board.


4.04: Waivers of Continuing Education Requirements

The Board may, at its discretion, fully waive or extend the deadline of the continuing education requirements for any licensee who, for reasons of health, disability, out of state military service, or undue hardship, cannot meet the requirements. Licensees shall submit such requests to the Board in writing.


268 CMR 4.00: M.G.L. c. 13, § 11D, c. 112, §§ 201 through 210.