1. The Board believes that a patient's complaints should ensure that a reasonably thorough inquiry is made into the facts and circumstances.
  2. The Board further feels that patients should be confident that their concerns will be taken seriously and dealt with in an objective fashion.
  3. When a patient brings a concern to the Optician who dispensed his prescription, that optician should attempt to resolve the patient's concerns by checking the prescription, making the necessary adjustments, and explaining the proper use of the prescription to the patient.
  4. When this method fails to solve the patient's problems, the patient should be referred back to the prescribing Optometrist, who should perform the necessary diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the problem.
  5. The Board suggests that an RX Check form be developed by the Optometrist and Optician and used to track the progress of all complaints.
  6. The use of systematic tracking will avoid unnecessary complaints against Optometrists by consumers who feel both their Optometrists and Opticians are unresponsive to their individual needs.
  7. Attached is a sample Rx Check form that you may want to modify to better suit your exact practice needs.