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Ana Garcia, Executive Director
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Caroline Quan, Board Administrator

Licensed CPA practitioners are the only individuals or firms who can issue independent reports of any kind on financial statements of business entities or other organizations in Massachusetts. Licensees also provide services to include but not limited to one or more kinds of management advisory or consulting services, preparing tax returns or providing advice on tax matters.

The Board grants certificates and issues licenses to practice public accountancy to qualified individuals who comply with the requirements of the statute and rules. Both are included in this web site. The Board monitors the licensee's practice of public accountancy and its related business operations to insure that the services provided to the public in any licensed capacity are in accordance with the ethical standards of Massachusetts General Laws and Board Regulations. The Board also insures that licensees have complied with all continuing education and peer review report requirements necessary to renew their licenses.

The Board's mission and objective is to provide quality guidance and services to its licensees and to the consumers they serve. The Board works in concert with the National Accounting organizations (AICPA and NASBA) in supervising the CPA exams given during the year to thousands of candidates. Before granting a certificate to these candidates, the Board determines their competency by evaluating their education, experience and character in its application process. The Board entertains over 100 phone calls or e-mails per day and provides professional guidance to each inquiry.