By the Division of Professional Licensure

Date: January 17, 2013
1000 Washington St., 
Boston, MA- Room 1D

Evacuation Procedures ( staff)

General Business: (10:30)

Introduction of new member

December 6, 2012 minutes

New Cases: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

CA-13-002 [DS]

SA-CA-13-014 [WW]

Investigative Conferences: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

CA-12-046 [JD] 11:00

CA-12-047 [BB] 11:30

Executive Session: [Executive Session: under G.L. c. 30A, 21(a)(1)]

Good Moral Character [ESL] 12:00

Case Update: [Closed Session: under G.L. c. 112 s. 65C]

CA-12-041 [JC]

Discuss Proposed Regulation Changes

Review of Application-Deficiency:

Review of application of Shelley Lynne Oravec

Review of application of Jean G. Joseph


FYI: Letter dated January 4, 2013 from Sheila Ellenbogen notifying the Board of her employment status