LESSON 1: Testing and Inspection10 hours
LESSON 2: Equipment Installation20 hours
LESSON 3: Installation of Specific Equipment10 hours
LESSON 4: Venting of Equipment50 hours
LESSON 5: Gas Utilization in Large Equipment20 hours


110 hours

LESSON 1: Testing and Inspection (10 hours)

a. Preparation

1. Test Pressure

a) Low Pressure

b) Elevated Pressure

b. Testing a System for Leakage

1. Test Gases

c. Purging

1. Gases Used for Purging

2. Discharge of Purged Gases

3. Placing Equipment in Operation

LESSON 2: Equipment Installation (20 hours)

a. Approval of Appliances

b. Adding or Converting Equipment

c. Protection of Equipment

1. Other Products of Combustion

2. Flammable Vapors

3. Outdoor Equipment

4. Safety Circuit

a) Thermocouple

b) Thermopile

c) Other

d. Installations in Residential Garages

e. Installations in Commercial Garages

1. Parking Structures

2. Repair garages

f. Appliance Regulators

1. Venting

2. Location

3. Class I and II

g. Gas Valves

1. Residential

a) Standing Pilot

b) Electronic Ignition

2. Commercial

h. Accessibility and Clearance

1. Access for Service

2. Clearance to Combustibles

i. Volume of Combustion Air

1. Indoor

a) Standard Method

b) Known Air Infiltration Rate Method

c) Outdoor Opening Size and Location

2. Outdoor

a) One Opening Method

b) Two Openings Method

3. Combination Indoor and Outdoor

4. Engineered Installations

5. Mechanical Combustion Air

6. Louvers and Grilles

7. Combustion Air Ducts

j. Equipment on Roofs

1. Installation Requirements

2. Access

k. Connecting Equipment to Piping Systems

1. Gas Hose Connectors

2. Portable Equipment

3. Shut off Valves

l. Procedures to Place Equipment in Operation

LESSON 3: Installation of Specific Equipment (10 hours)

a. Restrictions in Bedrooms or Bathrooms

b. Specific Appliance Installations

1. Locations

2. Confined Spaces

3. Clearances

4. Provisions for Make-Up Air

5. Prohibited Installations

LESSON 4: Venting of Equipment (50 hours)

a. Connections to Venting Systems

1. Equipment Not Required to be Vented

2. Ventilating Hoods

3. Direct Vent Equipment

b. Equipment Draft Requirements

c. Mechanical Draft Systems

d. Types of Venting System

e. Chimneys

1. Masonry

2. Metal

3. Factory Built

4. Corrugated Chimney Liners

5. Sizing

f. Gas Vents

1. Types

a) Single Wall

b) B-Vent

2. Applications

3. Terminations

a) Through the Wall

b) Through the Roof

4. Sizing

a) Tables

b) 7 X Rule

g. Condensing Drains

h. Vent Connectors

1. Materials

2. Sizing

a) Tables

3. Maximum Length

i. Draft Hoods and Controls

j. Vent Dampers

LESSON 5: Gas Utilization in Large Equipment (20 hours)

248 CMR 7:00

a. 7.01 Scope and Purpose

b. 7.02 Definitions

c. 7.03 General Provisions

1. Special Permission

2. Combustion Air and Ventilation

3. Accessibility for Cleaning and Inspection

4. Venting

d. 7.04 Burner and Control Installations

1. Main Burners

2. Controls

3. Pilots

4. Pressure Ratings

5. Shutoff Valves and Regulators

6. Operating Sequencing

e. 7.05 Initial Start-up and Adjustments

1. Authorized Representative

2. Purging

3. Tests

4. Operator Instructions