By the Division of Professional Licensure

May 25, 2006

The Division of Professional Licensure and Board of Plumbers and Gas Fitters recently took disciplinary action six licensed plumbers and one man performing plumbing and gas fitting work with no license.

  • David P. Abely of Westford: The Board entered a consent agreement with Abely placing his license on probation for a period of three months, effective February 15, 2006. In May of 2004, Abely entered into a contract to perform plumbing work for the University of Massachusetts Lowell but failed to obtain a plumbing permit from the local inspector of plumbing prior to beginning work. In addition to failing to have the plumbing work inspected by a local inspector of plumbing, Abely also covered up the drainage systems at the property prior to them being accepted by a local inspector. During the term of his probation, Abely may practice within the scope of his license and must complete 100 hours of advanced theory courses from a Board approved plumbing school.
  • James E. Bennett of Gardner: The Board entered a consent agreement with Bennett placing his journeyman plumbing license on probation for one year, effective March 8, 2006. At a job in Leominster in November of 2004, Bennett failed to obtain a permit from the Inspector of Plumbing prior to beginning the job. Bennett must contact the Board in writing when his one year probation period is over.
  • Christopher Drueding of Norwood: The Board entered a consent agreement with Drueding placing his license on probation for one year, effective January 26, 2006. Drueding admits that in 2004, he entered into an agreement to install plumbing in a residency in the town of Mills and that he performed the plumbing work without the direct supervision of a master or journeyman plumber. Drueding agrees to contact the Board in writing when his one year probation period is over.
  • Nicholas Evangelisto of Pittsfield: The Board issued a Final Decision and Order by Default to Evangelisto revoking his license to practice as an apprentice plumber, effective January 26, 2006. Evangelisto failed to obtain plumbing permits from the towns of Pittsfield and Lenox prior to performing plumbing work. He was also working without being under the direct supervision of a master plumber or journeyman plumber.
  • Thomas P. Keefe of Quincy: The Board entered a consent agreement with Keefe placing his license on probation for four months, effective January 27, 2006. Keefe admits that he failed to register the name of his company, "Keefe Mechanical, Incorporated" with the Board. In September of 2000, he also failed to obtain gas and plumbing permits and failed to have his work inspected by plumbing and gas inspectors from Quincy prior to beginning work at a property in Quincy
  • Thomas Stefanik of Huntington: The Board issued a Final Decision and Order to Stefanik, effective March 9, 2006. The Holyoke District Court found him responsible for practicing plumbing with a revoked apprentice gas fitters license. Stefanik's license was revoked in 2003 after he was found to be performing plumbing work with a license to work only as an apprentice gas fitter. In October of 2003, Stefanik performed plumbing at a residence in Holyoke with no license. He also failed to obtain the necessary permits. The customer claimed that the work Stefanik performed was incomplete and had to be corrected. Stefanik also used business cards and invoices on which he represented himself as a plumber and advertised his plumbing services in newspapers distributed throughout Western Massachusetts. The Board ordered that Stefanik's apprentice gasfitters license and his rights and privileges to engage in work as a gasfitter or plumber remain revoked. He is not permitted to renew his license.
  • Darrel White of Everett: The Board entered a consent agreement with White suspending his license for two years, effective January 18, 2006. White allegedly failed to correct plumbing defects as required by the Attleboro Inspector of Plumbing. He also used the name PHD or "Plumbing Heating Doctors" on his plumbing letterhead, but he had never received a certificate of plumbing corporation from the Board. After serving three months of his suspension, it will become stayed and White will be on probation for the remainder of the disciplinary term.

The Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters licenses approximately 27,885 plumbers and gas fitters throughout the Commonwealth. In Fiscal Year 2005, the Board received 131 complaints and resolved 109 complaints from this and previous fiscal years. The Board held two investigative hearings. The Board entered into six consent agreements, revoked two licenses, issued 18 suspensions, and placed 6 licenses on probation.

Consumers are urged to visit the Division of Professional Licensure's website at and select the "check a license" option to determine whether a professional they are considering doing business with is licensed and in good standing.

The Division of Professional Licensure ("DPL") is a regulatory agency within the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The agency is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and the integrity of the licensing process for approximately 330,000 licensees across 43 trades and professions under the jurisdiction of 29 boards of registration.

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