If you are currently licensed in another state you may qualify for either reciprocity or licensure by endorsement. See the criteria and instructions below.

Licensure by Endorsement Criteria

If an applicant meets all the criteria listed here and numbered 1 through 6, the applicant may apply for licensure by endorsement.

If an applicant:

1.     has completed primary education that meets the AQB minimum criteria; and

2.     has passed an AQB approved examination; and

3.     is currently licensed in a state with which Massachusetts does not have reciprocity (see list above); and

4.     has been working for at least three (3) of the previous five (5) years; and

5.     is applying for the same level license; and

6.     is listed on the Federal Registry as in compliance with AQB minimum criteria for licensure/certification.

If you meet all of the above criteria, complete an application for examination contained in the handbook that is available in our Applications and Forms  section and submit it together with:

1.     a score report issued by the examination authority or examination service that indicates a passing score; and

2.     a certified record of your license history issued by the state by which you seek Licensure by Endorsement; and

3.     both the application and licensing fee, separate checks payable to Commonwealth of MA; and

4.     a letter to the Board requesting Licensure by Endorsement.