Effective commencing with all licenses and certifications issued on or after March 9, 2007, there are new continuing education requirements for newly licensed appraisers and trainees.

Initial licenses and certifications are issued for a term that runs between 3 and 4 years. The first license or certification term is calculated from the date the license is issued (the date of successful completion of the examination) to the next birthday plus 36 months. When the initial term includes a partial year of more than 185 days, an additional 14 hours of continuing education is required. Therefore, in the event that the first license or certificate runs for more than 3 years and 185 days, 59 hours of continuing education is required for renewal.


Issue DateBirthdayFirst Expiration DateInitial License TermCE Hours Required
03/01/200707/0107/01/20103 years, 123 days45
03/01/200710/0110/01/20103 years, 215 days59
01/01/0807/0307/03/20113 years, 185 days45
01/01/0807/0407/03/20113 years, 186 days59

This requirement is applicable to all credential levels: Appraisal Trainee; State-Licensed; Certified Residential; and Certified General.

Be advised that the Board will issue licenses and approve applications without regard to what your continuing education requirement will be. Therefore, if you do not wish to be required to complete 59 hours of continuing education for your first license term, submit your application accordingly. You should plan on 10 to 60 days for application review.