1. An applicant for licensure may qualify for licensure by out-of-state endorsement provided the applicant:
    1. has completed qualifying education that meets the minimum AQB education criteria; and
    2. has passed an AQB certified examination; and
    3. is currently licensed in another state (with which the Board does on offer reciprocity); and
    4. has been working as a state licensed, certified residential or certified general for 3 of the past five years; and
    5. is applying for the same level license; and
    6. is listed on the Federal Registry as in compliance with AQB minimum criteria for licensure/certification.

    may apply for licensure by out-of-state endorsement by submitting, together with a completed application and the appropriate fees, the following:

    1. a score report issued by the examination authority or service that indicates a passing score consistent with Massachusetts;
    2. a certified record of license history issued by the state in which the license/certification is held;
    3. a written request that the Board accept the examination, experience and education and grant licensure by out-of-state endorsement.
    4. other such documents including but not limited to: completed appraisal assignments done after passing the AQB examination.
  2. The Board may upon review of the application, and accompanying submissions, require successful completion of the Massachusetts examination, additional experience, and/or completion of Massachusetts approved courses prior to licensure.

Adopted December 12, 2002