By the Division of Professional Licensure

12.01: Establishment of Subcommittees

The Board may establish subcommittees to perform various functions, such as education approval, review of complaints, and other matters under the Board’s jurisdiction.


12.02: Election of Officers

The Board shall annually elect a chairperson.


12.03: Non-applicability of USPAP to Board-related Appraisal Reviews

Appraisal reviews performed by licensed or certified appraisers are exempt from the USPAP requirements regarding appraisal reviews when those reviews are conducted on behalf of the Board by:

A. Appraisers who serve on the Board;

B. Agents, staff, and volunteers working on behalf of the Board; and

C. Appraisers performing duties for advisory committees created by the Board.


264 CMR 12.00: M.G.L. c. 13, § 92; c. 12, §§ 173 through 195.