By the Division of Professional Licensure

7.01: Transitional Licenses: Repealed


7.02: Temporary Registration

(1) Eligibility. The Board shall recognize on a temporary basis the certificate or license of a real estate appraiser issued by another jurisdiction provided that:

(a) the applicant for temporary registration holds a valid license or certificate in good standing issued by an appraiser regulatory agency which has not been disapproved of by the Federal Appraisal Subcommittee;

(b) the property to be appraised is part of a federally-related transaction;

(c) the real estate appraiser's business is of a temporary nature;

(d) the appraiser files a properly completed application and appropriate fee with the Board; and

(e) the Federal Registry lists the applicant as conforming to AQB criteria.

(2) Application. An application for temporary registration shall be filed on the form prescribed by the Board. The application may require biographical information, an affidavit describing the appraisal assignment, a certificate of good standing from the state of original license or certificate issued within ninety (90) days of the application, irrevocable consent that service of process or notice may be made on the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a pledge to abide by the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The application shall be accompanied by the proper fee.

(3) Scope of Practice. A temporary registration provides a limited grant of authority to perform the appraisal work required for the appraisal assignment identified in the application for a temporary registration. A temporary registrant is limited to performing the functions that correspond to the level of the license or certificate upon which the temporary registration is based (See 264 CMR 6.00).

(4) Expiration of Temporary Registration . A temporary registration expires automatically upon completion of the appraisal assignment for which the temporary registration was issued or upon the suspension or revocation of the license upon which the temporary registration was based. A temporary registration is not renewable.

(5) Discipline. Any person practicing or is authorized to practice under a temporary registration is subject to supervision and disciplinary action by the Board in the same manner as any other Licensee.


264 CMR 7.00: M.G.L. c. 13, § 92; c, 112, §§ 173 through 195.