1. Condominiums
    1. Creation--Master Deed, By-law, Rules and Regulations
    2. Unit Deed vs Master Deed
    3. Budget Preparation
    4. Percent of Common Ownership
    5. Common Areas
    6. Association and Management--Trustees
    7. Failure to Pay Mortgage, Monthly Maintenance Fee
    8. Closing Documents--6D Certificate, Insurance Certificate
  2. Cooperatives (vs Condominiums)
    1. Stock Certificate in Corporation
    2. Proprietary Unit Lease for Life of Corporation
    3. Corporation Obtains Blanket Mortgage
    4. Taxed as One Entity
  3. Time Sharing
    1. Definition - Weekly Ownership
    2. Exchange Organization
    3. Maintenance and Management Fees
    4. Ownership vs Right to Use
  4. Leases and Options
    1. Freehold vs Non-freehold
    2. Lessor, Lessee, Term, Lease, Demised
  5. Types of Tenancy
    1. Estate/Tenancy for Years
    2. Estate/Tenancy from Period to Period
    3. Estate/Tenancy at Will
    4. Estate/Tenancy at sufferance
  6. Common Leases
    1. Gross, Net (incl. triple net ex.), Percentage, Graduated
  7. Obligation of Parties
    1. Utilities
    2. Fit for Habitation
    3. Free of Sanitary and Building Code Violations
    4. Avoid Waste
    5. Security Deposit - 5% Interest - Paid Annually
  8. Options
    1. Define - Ex. Town Approval
    2. Right of First Refusal
  9. Property Management
    1. Define, Specialty, Management Division
    2. Collect Rents, Pay Bills, Prepare Reports
  10. Miscellaneous
    1. Assign vs Sublet
    2. Sale of Property re Status of Leases
    3. Ninety-nine year Lease
  11. Special Attention to Lead Paint, Smoke Detectors, Discrimination to be Covered in Detail in Future Modules

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