1. Brokerage - Definition
    1. For Consideration, Sells, Rents, Exchanges, Negotiate Financing and Options
  2. Law of Agency
    1. Single Agency - Agent of Buyer or Seller
    2. Dual Agency - Agent of Buyer and Seller
  3. Creation of Agency
    1. Oral vs Written Agency
    2. Expressed vs Implied Authority
  4. Types of Listing
    1. Open Listing
    2. Exclusive Office Listing
    3. Exclusive Right to Sell
    4. Multiple Listing
    5. Net Listing
  5. Duties of an Agent
    1. Fiduciary Relationship - Agent to Principal
    2. Represent Buyer and Seller with Knowledge of Each
    3. No Personal Interest Without Disclosure
    4. No Co-mingling of Funds
    5. Agent - Sub Agent / Co-Broke
  6. Termination of Agency
    1. Completion of Objective - Sold
    2. Expiration of Time Limit
    3. Mutual Consent
    4. Revocation of Either Party - Damages
    5. Death of Party
    6. Destruction of Subject
    7. Bankruptcy
  7. Commissions
    1. First Obtain Listing to Collect
    2. Agreement of Parties - Usually Seller and Broker
    3. Procuring Cause - Ready, Willing and Able Buyer
    4. "Tristram's Landing vs Wait"
  8. Broker vs Salesman
    1. Salesman Recourse to Broker not Principal
  9. Realtor - Definition Plus
  10. Commission Splits
    1. ex. Typical Co-Broke Splits
    2. ex. Typical Listing, Selling and Office Splits

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