July 24, 2007

The Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons ( Board) today announced its most recent disciplinary actions against its licensees. The following licensees were disciplined by the Board:

Lisa Ruffin (Moody), Stoughton:

The Board, by decision, revoked the license of Ms. Ruffin. Ruffin failed to notify the Board of a criminal conviction in Dedham District Court.

Jean V. Sanon, Lexington:

The Board, by decision, revoked the license of Mr. Sanon. Sanon failed to notify the Board of a criminal conviction in Bridgeport, Connecticut Superior Court.

James M. McNulty, Woburn:

Mr. McNulty voluntarily surrendered his personal license and his corporate license to operate Michaels Realty. McNulty had numerous complaints including: failing to provide mandatory apartment fee rental notification to a tenant, practicing with a suspended license, failing to timely deposit funds into escrow accounts and failing to comply with Board's request to examine escrow records.

Marc J. Loiselle, Tyngsboro:

By decision, the Board revoked the license of Mr. Loiselle. Loiselle practiced real estate while his license was inactive and failed to provide requested escrow records to the Board.

Thomas Newcomb, Chelmsford:

The Board revoked Mr. Newcomb's right to renew his brokers license. Newcomb has been temporarily suspended from the Massachusetts Bar Association for misuse of client's funds.

Lynden Greaves, Springfield:

The Board revoked Mr. Greaves' broker's license and his corporation license, John Elliot Realty. Greaves failed to maintain a consumer's deposit fund in escrow and then commingled those funds with personal funds. Greaves also knowingly made a substantial misrepresentation to a client and did not act in the best interest of a client.

James W. Haley, Lowell:

The Board and Mr. Haley entered into an agreement in which his license was suspended for seven days. Haley admitted that he was a listing agent for a property in Lowell, and the buyers were his daughter and son-in-law. Haley acknowledged that the Board could conclude that he did not adequately disclose his relationship to the sellers.

Carolyn Chodat, Medway:

The Board and Ms. Chodat entered into an agreement in which her license was suspended for five days. Chodat admitted that Classic Properties Realtors, where she is the real estate broker and owner, listed a client's home for sale and failed to inform the client that a potential buyer's deposit checks had been returned by the bank.

Robert Shoemaker, Sudbury:

Mr. Shoemaker voluntarily surrendered his license to the Board. Shoemaker was convicted of a crime and lost his right to practice law in the Commonwealth. As a result, he surrendered his license to practice as a broker.

Richard Pimental, Taunton:

As of June 25, 2007 the Board has suspended Mr. Pimental's license. Pimental admitted that he falsely stated in his application that he was never convicted of a criminal offense. Pimental's license is suspended for a period of six months.

Daryel Duhaime, Wakefield:

The Board and Mr. Duhaime entered into an agreement in which Duhaime's license was suspended for five days. The said suspension was immediately stayed. Duhaime admitted that the Board could conclude that he charged a fee to a prospective tenant without proper written notice. Duhaime has remitted the remaining money of the deposit to the consumer.

Consumers are urged to visit the Division of Professional Licensure's website and select the check a license option to determine whether a professional they are considering doing business with is licensed and in good standing.

The Division of Professional Licensure is a regulatory agency within the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The agency is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and the integrity of the licensing process for approximately 330,000 licensees across 43 trades and professions under the jurisdiction of 30 boards of registration.