By the Division of Professional Licensure
  • A CEU: a continuing education unit.
    For Annual Renewal 1.2 CEU's are required.
    1 CEU = 10 contact hours
  • A contact hour = 50 consecutive minutes of organized learning experience.

Acceptable Subject Matter for CEU's

  • Public health or environmental health science and practice;
  • Public and environmental health education;
  • Research in public and environmental health;
  • Management, administration, and supervision in public and environmental health services delivery;
  • social, economic, political or legal aspects of public and environmental health;
  • environmental health and consumer education;
  • subject matter which improves competency, is not specified on the foregoing list and is related to one or more of the basic sciences.

Employee orientation or in service training for agency standard operating procedure is not acceptable.

How To Obtain CEU's

  • Courses or Seminars offered or sponsored by educational institutions or other recognized entities which have relevance to the duties and functions of a sanitarian.
  • Examples: Colleges and Universities; Professional Organizations - NEHA, MEHA, MHOA, New England Water Pollution control Association, Industrial Hygiene Associates, Soil Scientist of New England, etc.
    Government Agencies: MDPH, Division of Food and Drug, EPA, MDEP, FDA, etc.
  • Through programs, workshops or conferences offered or sponsored by a recognized entity relevant to public or environmental health.
  • By teaching a particular course, conducting a seminar or workshop, delivering a lecture or publishing an article or book relating to public or environmental health.

Verification Required For CEU's

  • Board of Registration of Sanitarians has the right to request verification of any continuing education activity up to 4 years prior to date of last renewal.
  • Upon request or audit, a Registered Sanitarian must submit a photocopy or written statement regarding the course, program, lecture, workshop, or conference etc. that contains the following information:
    1. Name of recognized entity which sponsored the course, program, etc.
    2. The location of the course, program, etc.
    3. The title and authorized number of the courses, programs, etc.
    4. The date or dates of attendance.
    5. The number of contact hours completed.
    6. The name and signature of the registrant.
    7. The name and signature of an authorized representative of the recognized entity providing or sponsoring the activity.
    8. Any other information that the Board of Registration may reasonable require.
  • A registered Sanitarian wishing to get CEU credit for published articles or books must submit the following information:
    1. The title of the book, chapter, or article and in the case of a chapter or article, the title of the book or name of journal or newsletter in which it appears;
    2. Date of publication;
    3. The names of any co-authors.

The Board may require a Registered Sanitarian, to provide a copy of the actual book, chapter or article for which CEU credits are sought.

Recognized Entity

The Board shall not grant "recognized entity" status to any educational institution, professional organizations or other entity or grant CEU credit for the courses, programs, lectures, workshops or conferences conducted, unless that entity maintains written records pertaining to each such continuing education activity for a period of 4 years from the date the course, program, lecture, workshop or conference is conducted. Such records must be adequate to permit verification of any information submitted by a Registered Sanitarian.

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255 CMR 2.00 through 5.00;
M.G.L. c. 13, s. 52
M.G.L. c.112, ss. 87LL-8700

The statute and rules & regulations can both be downloaded off of the Rules & Regulations web page or you may contact the State House Bookstore for the Rules & Regulations only at 617-727-2834