Instructions for SCHOOL license application

  1. Please read all instructions before starting your application. This is an application for a Sheet Metal School License. To qualify for a School License programs must have curriculum and training facility approved by the Board and all owners and administrators must be of good moral character.
  2. You may print and mail in a copy of this application pdf format of Sheet Metal School Application
or you can apply and pay on-line. We recommend that you open an on-line account using the Massachusetts E-Licensing and E-Permitting Portal. This will allow you to apply for licenses, make on-line payments, apply for permits, renew your license and update your contact information through your on-line account.
  3. If you have any questions, contact the Board before sending the application. Incomplete applications will only remain open for 180 days after which a new application and fee is required. See for a link to the latest email and telephone information.
  4. To qualify for a School License applicants must comply with the following:
    • All schools shall employ licensed instructors competent to impart instruction in those branches which they teach.
    • All schools shall have a maximum of 25:1 student / instructor ratio. No instructor may supervise or teach more than one class at the same time. 
    • All private schools must submit copies of student contract with itemization of tuition, fees, and any equipment costs.
    • All private schools must submit a bond in the amount determined by the board. The Board may waive bond requirement for licensed Proprietary Schools.
    • A demonstration / work area to allow for safe passage of staff and students.
    • A lecture room with a minimum of individual desks, student arm chairs, or tables adequate to allow seating for no more than three students per table.
    • Male and female restrooms in accordance with the Massachusetts plumbing code.
    • A fire detection and sprinkler system, and operable hand fire extinguishers as required by local governing authority.
    • All schools shall have, and maintain in good working condition, equipment and materials appropriate and sufficient for its students.
  1. All schools shall contain a designated library or study area that maintains published or electronic references to the following publications:
    • 271 CMR and M.G.L. c. 112, 237-251.
    • The Massachusetts building code (780 CMR) and its component parts the Massachusetts Basic Building Code.
    • The Massachusetts One and Two Family Dwelling Code
    • The International Mechanical Code.
    • The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association’s standards.
    • The rules and standards of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
    • The Massachusetts Fire Code (527 CMR), and applicable National Fire Protection Association codes and standards.
  1. Please mail or upload the following information along with your application:
    • A detailed floor plan indicating the demonstration area, lecture room and restrooms.    
    • A copy of the facilities occupancy permit.
    • A copies of student contract with itemization of tuition, fees, and equipment costs. (private schools only)
    • A detailed outline of the sheet metal curriculum.
    • CORI authorization form pdf format of CORI Form
available on the Board website.
  1. Please note the address that you choose as your mailing address is public record and will be released to anyone upon request. 
  2. If the school’s principal owners, directors and/or administrators of record have been convicted of a crime all offenses must be listed inclusive of OUI, DUI, and Operating after/with suspended license or registration.  Dispositions of “continued without finding” (“CWOF”) or “admission to sufficient of facts” must be reported.  Do not include minor traffic offense(s). 
  3. Please submit payment on-line or send a check or money order for $ 300.00 in U.S. funds made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The fee is not refundable. Please note that your application will not be processed without the correct fee.  The initial fee includes both application processing and your first license. (publically funded programs are exempt from fees) 


    I have included a detailed floor plan
    I have included a copy of the occupancy permit
    I have included a copy of the student contract and fees (if applicable)
    I have included a detailed outline of the sheet metal curriculum
    I have included the “CORI Authorization Form”
    I have included the $ 300.00 non-refundable application / license fee payable to the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts”

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